Our Process


This is the first and most important part. It is most likely the longest part as well. We feel that we can’t truly serve you well if we don’t understand you. During this time, we will meet (preferably in person) and discuss what makes you, you. We take time to understand what made you the person you are today, how what you’ve been through can impact how you view money, and what motivates you among other things. Our goal here is to gain a good understanding of who you are and what is important to you.

We will also help you get your financial house organized during this time. Part of doing that is collecting all the data we’ll need to build a plan. By doing this, you will have all your financial information in one place and a team to help you understand what it all means.

We’ve partnered with some great companies to ensure that your data stays secure both in transit and in storage. Once we both feel that our team understands you, your values and priorities, and we have all of the data, we will begin to create your personal or family plan.

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