Our Process


This part doesn’t end and is where our value is most prominent though often hard to tell until you can look back with hindsight. We are here to guide you through the calm and stormy seas.

During this part, you can expect us to stay connected with you. To check-in and see how you’re doing. Not just towards your goals, but how your family is doing or how that mission trip you’ve been so excited about went.

As we continue to work together, we will go through the Understand and Create phases many times. You know this as much as we do, but it’s worth repeating. Life happens. Things that are important to you now, won’t be in a couple of years. Things you think you want now, won’t even be on your radar 6 months from now. Things you aren’t even thinking about, will be at the top of your priority list. We intend to be there for all of it, serving as a guide to help you live the life you want to live by helping you make wise financial decisions.

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