Our Philosophy

Our overarching philosophy is that having a solid financial plan based on your values and desires leads to the best potential outcomes. This happens for several reasons in our opinion. 

  • First, having a plan means that you took the time to sit down and think through your desires, resources, limitations, vulnerabilities, and opportunities with someone you trust. 
  • Second, having that person to trust adds an extra layer of accountability (if desired) which leads to you being more likely to follow through on what you’ve shared is most important to you. 
  • Third, it gives you something to reference when you’re making big decisions that could impact your future. 
  • Finally, it gives you a buffer to help prevent you from making a bad decision that could completely unravel your financial future. When things get scary, having someone there for you who understands you, your family, and what you hope to accomplish is an invaluable resource. 

All that being said, you still play the biggest role in your success by far. We see ourselves as your guide to living the life of significance you desire. Even if we aren’t the best fit, finding someone you can trust to guide you is well worth the time and effort long-term.

With the major point of emphasis regarding our overall philosophy being discussed above, we still think it’s valuable to share our philosophy regarding how we help you invest. We focus on two major things when building out and managing your portfolio (investments).

Simplicity and Cost

Our goal is to remove the complexity that a lot of advisors use (in our opinion) to scare people into thinking they can’t do this on their own. Removing unnecessary complexity also brings the cost of the portfolio down significantly. This “hidden” cost plays a big role in the long run with clients. Our goal is to minimize the cost of the portfolios we recommend while making sure that you understand what you’re paying for.

To sum up, we feel life is more important than chasing a specific rate of return. Achieving that doesn’t give anyone peace. Having a plan, a person to guide you on that journey, and avoiding big mistakes gives you the best chance to live the life of significance you desire.

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