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Lee Hyde CFPEmbark on a transformative financial journey with Shepherd Financial Planning, led by visionary founder Lee Hyde, CFP®. Positioned as a beacon in the evolution of wealth management, our firm transcends traditional financial planning.

We’re dedicated to fostering a novel understanding of wealth, equipping our clients to overcome financial hurdles with assurance and serenity. Discover the innovative methods Shepherd Financial Planning employs to redefine your financial wellness:

Revolutionizing Money Management:

Under Lee Hyde’s guidance, Shepherd Financial Planning challenges the conventional wisdom surrounding money management. We’re committed to shifting perceptions, advocating for a financial planning process that eradicates stress and uncertainty. Our philosophy is centered on preparing you for a life of fulfillment, devoid of the burdens of financial strain.

Simplifying the Financial Maze:

Our mission is to clarify the intricacies of financial planning. Through engaging, profound discussions, we address your financial dilemmas, crafting strategies that are in harmony with your unique life goals and dreams.

Lifting Financial Burdens:

Recognizing the impact of financial stress, we tailor solutions to lighten your load. Our approach is designed to enhance your capacity for generosity, allowing you to invest in what genuinely brings you happiness and contentment.

Cultivating Generosity and Satisfaction:

At Shepherd Financial Planning, securing your financial future is just the beginning. We aim to inspire a lifestyle of generosity and satisfaction, guiding you to deploy your resources in ways that enrich both your life and the lives of others.

Financial Planning with Lee Hyde includes, but is not limited to:




  1. a person who protects or guides a person or a group.


  1. to watch over carefully
  2. guide or direct in a particular direction.

Who We Serve

We serve those who have passions outside of work. Our clients love their families, want to give back, and view money as a tool to be used for a greater purpose.

Who We Are

Shepherd Financial is a fee-based financial planning and wealth management firm based in Woodstock, Ga. We believe that people want or need three things in life: to be heard, be understood, and feel safe.

Our Process

We know it’s not easy to make big decisions. We feel that choosing who you partner with to guide you and your family on your financial journey is one of those big decisions. 

With that in mind, we’ve created our process to try and take as much unknown and anxiety off the table as possible.

Ready to get Started?

Join us at Shepherd Financial Planning for a fresh outlook on wealth management. Together, we’ll chart a course towards a financial future that resonates with your values, ambitions, and desires.

Initiate Your Financial Renaissance with a Complimentary Consultation:

Take the first step towards financial liberation with Shepherd Financial Planning. Explore our suite of services online and arrange a no-cost 30-minute session with Lee Hyde, CFP®.

Together, we’ll dissect your financial landscape and identify strategies to propel you towards clarity and liberation.


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